Work package list/overview

Work-package No Work Package title Type of activity Lead beneficiary No Person-months Start
WP1 Co-ordination, project management MGT 1 60 1 48
WP2 Biostatistics and bioinformatics RTD 2 320.4 1 48
WP3 Genotyping technology and sample handling RTD 5 323.6 1 48
WP4 Genomic characterization RTD 2 244 1 48
WP5 Gene and environment interaction RTD 4 395.6 1 48
WP6 Molecular pathology and
clinical outcomes
RTD 9 192.8 1 48
WP7 Integration, implications for
public health and ethical,
legal and social issues
RTD 2 46 1

The project has four levels and areas of responsibility as outlined in Figure 1,

  1. Level I - WP1. Management is the duty of the WP1, Management office, Scientific Steering Committee, and Scientific Advisory Board.

  2. Level II - WP2, WP3, WP4. a. WP2.

    1. Identifying genetic variation related to disease, identifying SNPs for stage I and II, and develop analytical methods for studies to be performed at level 3.

    2. WP3. Being responsible for the genotyping activities of COGS.

    3. WP4. Fine scale mapping of the loci identified in stage III.

  3. Level III – WP5, WP6.

    1. WP5. Based on the genetic alterations found at level 2, estimate gene – environment interaction.

    2. WP6. Identifying individuals at risk and link genetic variation to specific tumour characteristics.

  4. Level IV – WP7. To evaluate the public, ethical, preventive, legal and social implications of the results generated at level III.

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