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COGS Update February 2011

The COGS project is now in its second phase, genotyping. The first part of the project has been devoted to three collection steps; a) collection of DNA samples for genotyping, b) collection of phenotypic information, including risk factors tumor characteristics, and c) collection and identification of the SNPs that ended up on the iCOGS chip. 

Approximately 160,000 samples are now genotyped at five different centers. The genotyping will be finished by May 2011 and the first, very preliminary results presented at the COGS meeting in Stockholm, June 2011.

The COGS Scientific Advisory Board gathered in London in November 2010 and listen to presentations from all Work Packages. No major changes to the current contract were suggested.

The coming months time will be devoted to finishing the genotyping and planning for the analyses to be performed during the coming 24 months. Each consortium decides on what should be done but COGS deliverables are prioritized.


Per Hall, coordinator of COGS

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