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COGS update August 30, 2010

The COGS project is now safely into it’s second year. The milestones and deliverables are so far met with no major problems identified. Illumina currently produces the iCOGS chip and the first batch is supposed to be delivered in early September. Genotyping will be performed in Canada, Spain, and England.  

In September there will be a breast cancer meeting including BCAC, CIMBA and ENIGMA organized by Paolo Radice in the northern part of Italy. We all meet during five days at Lago di Garda.  

In October there will be a WP5 meeting held in Copenhagen.  

In November there will be a Scientific Steering Committee meeting in London. At this meeting we will also be visited by the Scientific Advisory Board – Tim Bishop, Paolo Boffetta and Ed Liu. For all the work package leaders this means they have to prepare oral and written reports of what has happened during the first 18 months of the project. Following the meeting the advisory board will send a report to Brussels.  

Currently we have foreseen no problems. The project is running as it should, that is, we are meeting the deliverables and the milestones as described in the original contract.  

This is what makes a coordinator happy.

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