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COGS update 9 February 2010

COGS is now more than 9 months old. The start of the 4-year contract was 1 May 2009.

We have met all deliverables and milestones, which the coordinator believes is comforting. The focus right now is the design of the Illumina iSelect chip. Paul Pharoah came up with the suggestion of naming the chip, iCOGS, and we have still not seen any good alternatives.

 During the first part of the spring of 2010 some 200,000 SNPs will be selected based on different algorithms for each consortium. By mid April all suggestions should be in and by May Illumina will be notified of our decision. The consortia representatives and the group in Cambridge, headed by Doug Easton, are working hard to meet the deadlines. We will constantly update you on the progress.

At the same time Javier Benitez and Roger Milne, WP3, is sorting out the samples and deciding on where the genotyping should be performed.

Collection of information on non-genetic risk factors and tumour characteristics is also ongoing, preparing for the vast amount of analyses that will take place once we have the iCOGS results at hand. Genotyping results will be seen in the spring of 2011.

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