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COGS update 10 December 2009 (The Nobel Day)

COGS has been running for a little bit more than 7 months and most deliverables and milestones have been met according to schedule.

We have had two meetings. In May a large meeting was organized in Amsterdam and in October we met in New York. Given the number of attendants and parallel session we should all be grateful to have so dedicated members that they are even willing to take on such a challenge as organizing meetings for more than 100 people. Paul Pharoah will organize the next meeting in Cambridge, last part of April 2010. Information has already been sent out.

Currently we are struggling with tendering the chip and laboratory resources needed for the second stage of the genotyping part of the project. Several, if not all, partners are included in this process. At the same time GWAS data is being gathered for identification of the SNPs to be inserted on the chip and subsequently typed in the second stage. As soon as we have more information on the topic we will let you know.

On behalf of the Scientific Steering Committee,

Per Hall 

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