COGS update April 12, 2010

The COGS project is now moving into the 12 out of 48 months. Nothing dramatic has been added to the work list since the last update. The focus is still the iCOGS chip and the creation of the SNP list. The final date for suggesting SNPs to be put on the chip is 23 April.

The 11th June is the date when the final order has to be with Illumina. This means at this date, each group purchasing chips has to place an order with Illumina. When the number of samples reaches 150,000 and the final SNP list has been received the creation of the bead pool and chips will start. Illumina needs 13 weeks for the process. The first batch of chips will be shipped at that point and the second batch by the end of the year.

In parallel with this work GWAS has been gathered for the three cancers and data sets selected for stage II.

Non-genetic information on the study subjects, such as risk factors and clinical characteristics, therapy, vital status and cause of death is the responsibility of Work Package 5. Quality checks are currently performed.

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